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5 Eco-friendly but Stylish Diwali Gifts

1. Decorative Diya Stand


The stylish wooden Diya stand is an ideal product for simplicity and a one-of-a-kind design. We can assemble this wooden Diya stand wherever we want and then disassembled it into pieces after use. This product is composed of MDF wood and is very light. As it is a lighter product, we can handle it and transfer it easily. It is compact and is ideal for interior puja decoration.ย 

As Diwali approaches, we yearn for more diyas around us. Diyas not only add light to our surroundings but also add divinity. We wanted a simple design for the Diya stand, therefore it has a modest horizontal base where our Diya would be mounted. These apply to the puja decoration and any other celebrations in and out of our homes.ย 

It is one of the best options for home decor, and it is reasonably priced. This diya stand takes up the limited space occupied by the sharp and elegant edges of the diya. Because of this added function, our lovely diya stand ultimately catches the eye.

2. Lord Ram Navnirman Theme Wall Clock

Wall Clocks Online

We are all aware that the majestic Ram Mandir is being built in Ayodhya, India. But how can we bring the spirit of the temple into our own homes? With our theme wall clock, this is entirely achievable. It is made of MDF wood, and we meticulously carved the Ram Mandir structure on it. If you want to sense the divinity of the vast temple, this is one of the best possibilities.ย 

This Lord Ram Navnirman Theme Wall Clock is one of a kind and unique. This design and remarkable mix of the wall clock and Lord Ram temple is highly appealing and gives us a religious feeling. Not only is there a Ram temple construction, but there is also a portrait of Lord Rama carved on the top of the wall clock, and the pattern on it gives a special impression.


3. Wooden Portable Laptop Stand


The laptop stand is one of the most commonly used and necessary devices in our everyday life. Because of the lockdown, most individuals are working from home. We work from different locations, and we need to keep the laptop screen straight in front of our eyes. If this is not done, the sitting and working position will impact productivity and cause severe health problems. We prefer laptop stands to avoid these issues.ย 

So that our posture at work is not disrupted and we can work for lengthy periods. The laptop stands we offer are incredibly comfy and simple to use. Besides these benefits, these laptop stands are eco-friendly because we manufactured them of MDF wood.ย 

There is a key necessity for laptop stands while watching videos or while working. These are small and maybe transported wherever and whenever they are needed. Even when our surroundings are crowded, we may work comfortably by placing our laptops or tablets on this stand.ย 

Our wooden laptop stands can be divided into two MDF boards and transported. These two boards contain slots in the centre that can be linked to constructing a laptop stand. These are lightweight and portable, making them an excellent alternative for travel, cumbersome surroundings, packed areas, and much more.ย 

We can just take stuff out, organize it, utilize it, and put it back. One of the most basic and simplest products available at the most reasonable pricing.

4. Portable Wooden Mini Mandir

Portable Wooden Mini Mandir is one of the extravagant puja products available on our website. We can easily transport all the puja idols in a single box and place them anywhere we like. This device is ideal for doing pujas both inside and outside of our houses. We can organize the idol photos and then remove them once we complete the task.

Donโ€™t miss the lovely desires of the idols! They have minute details on them, and the carving on all the other things is likewise beautifully done. We made these goods of MDF wood and are easy to transport because of their small size and ease of lifting.

We also have engravings on other portions of the box; the box is certainly very auspicious because of the engravings. There are slots for things to be securely placed in a specific fixed position. Lord Vinayak, Goddess Lakshmi, and footprints and shubh, labh objects are skillfully engraved, and this is quite appealing.

We can use this portable wooden tiny mandir for puja decorations, religious events, and we can also store it in businesses and marketplaces because goddess Lakshmi represents prosperity and Lord Vinayak represents good beginnings.

While carrying this mini puja mandir with us, we feel like we are carrying a puja room with us! We can also add flowers as decorations, and cleaning is simple! We may simply separate them after our work and move them. All these products are very affordable in one go!

5. Heart Shape Utility Box

This heart-shaped utility box is a work of art. This is the ideal present for your loved ones. The finishing and engraving are both smooth and elegant. This product is ideal for packing gifts, cosmetics, chocolates, and sweets, as well as serving as a gift box for parties and weddings.ย 

The boxโ€™s lid features a hinge on the backside that keeps it closed and undisturbed. Not only will it serve as a present box, but it will also serve as an excellent alternative house interior home decor. We can add a few more toys or little items beside them and set them in our home to create a unique presence in the interiors.ย 

There are no restrictions on how we can handle this utility box; we may fill it with whatever we cherish and give it to our partners, friends, and much more. We can take it with us on our vacations because it is compact and light. If we think the box is too plain to give as a present, we can dress it up with ornamental wrappings or stickers to make our heart-shaped utility box even more appealing.ย 

Donโ€™t you think it serves a purpose in all of them? We can use it as a gift to store items inside, as a great alternative for home decor, and much more Because it is made of MDF wood, this box can endure bumps and is hard to break too.

These five items can make very memorable online Diwali gifts. So, with our particular products, you may be a part of our journey. Have fun shopping!



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