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“Even psychologists can't explain how you may love someone with all your heart while yet want to murder them.” That’s who siblings are!

Imagine a life without your annoying sister. Heavenly huh? No more “Choclate stealer in the house”; No more “Papa mujhe zyada pyaar karte hai!” No more “Ruk mummi ko batati hu!” But, without her, there’s no one to share that mid-night Maggie with; No one to annoy to, for no reason and also no one for “behen ek baar teri friend se intro kara de”!

Despite all those pesky little fights and all the drama that she carries with her; you love her more than anything in the world. (Come on, You Know you do!) So, let’s try and tell her, this Rakhi! (Nothing Cheesy, Right?) But How? To help you get rid of this dilemma, I have 10 Rakhi gift ideas which you can give to your sister and make this Rakhi special for her. (Shaant rahegi kuch din!)

 ‘Clothes, Clothes & Clothes!’

The safest gift option, when it comes to women! Yes, a woman can never have enough clothes. There might be clothes falling from her cupboard but she is still gonna be like; “Yaar Bhai kuch pehenne ko hi nai hai!” So, buy her that dress she was nagging you for!

‘Makeup is her lifesaver!’

This one is the most wanted gift among women. Take it from me, if you are dicey about what to gift, Cosmetics can be your and her favorite option. You can always get that different shade of any makeup she doesn’t has! And You’ll nail it in gifting!

‘Something Personal is always better?’

Why not show her the feelings this time? A unique and best gift for your sibling is ‘we have grown up together brother and sister photo frame’. The concept of engraving is new and unique. This fame says exactly what you’re feeling. A pair of childhood and current photograph added to the frame will define your life-long relationship; becoming the perfect Rakhi present for her.

‘How About Chocolates?’

Chocolates are perfect Rakhi Present for your foodie sister! And on the plus, you know you can steal some of it later. So, get all her favorite chocolates packed; and some your favorites too! This quick option is always helpful when you are running late on buying her Rakhi Gift.

‘Help Her Organize!’

Get her something to sort the mess out of her life. A Multi-Purpose Wooden Makeup or Desk Organizer. It has 9 compartments that’ll help her organize not just her makeup but her desk too.  Help her organize her stuff and maybe, just maybe she’ll be able to get ready on time!

‘Drift down the memory lane Magazine'

Let’s go down the memory lane with her; add all the sweet old times you two shared since your childhood. Make her live it again though a Personalized Magazine for  Your Sister that she can always have with her to make her smile even after the daily quarrel of you two!

‘Comfy Slippers for lazy bones’

So cozy, so luxurious. Your sister will have found her new favorite pair of shoes in approximately a day after receiving and wearing this present. And she'll be reminded of how much you adore her every time she looks down at her dangling feet. Don't you believe it's a win-win situation for everyone involved?

Something special to store’

With all the mess she spreads around the house, it’s no wonder she loses her stuff so much. So, lets help her change this. Gift her a Heart Shaped Utility Box, add something sweet in the box; be it small keepsakes or be all her favorites. Add it and give her this utility box to hold on to all her special items.

Frame What You Can’t Say!’

Find those perfect pictures that you both have and frame it in this ‘World’s Best Sister 3D Frame’. This 3D frame is something unique and elegant. Beautifully engraved title with intricate wooden work crafted with two photographs that shows the love of your bond; being the perfect Rakhi Gift when you want to say it all.

‘Pick a Perfume’

Perfume is a very versatile gift that people don’t easily gift because everybody has a different taste when it comes to perfume. If you want to show her how much you know her; get her a perfume! Choose the kind of fragrance you know she likes.                  

Anyway, whatever you select it’s the thought that counts the most! Your effort of getting her a present brings the smile on her face rather than the gift. So, I hope I was able to assist you in selecting the perfect present for your sister. And I hope your present brightens your sister's heart and makes this Rakhi special for you both.

 ‘What to gift?’ is the biggest dilemma of every occasion that we face every now and then because a gift is not just any material it’s an emotion. At ‘Gift Kya De’ we don’t create just presents, we create emotions that you can express through our endless collection of gifting range. Share all that you want to express though our personalized gift collection. We are trying to become your first answer whenever you come across this confusion of “Yaar, Gift Kya De?”



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