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Made in India Products To Support Vocal for Local

Made in India Products To Support Vocal for Local

The Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan was launched to improve India's economy during and after the Covid virus outbreak. It aimed to help the country move into a larger and more developed member of the global economy. With the implementation of this strategy, another key campaign - Vocal for Local- was launched. It focuses on advancing Made In India products by stressing the promotion of local businesses, manufacturing, and supply chains. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Vocal for Local campaign sparked hope among Indian companies, who saw this as a chance to demonstrate their brands worldwide. The appeal by the Prime Minister to be Vocal for Local aims to grow the country’s startup ecosystem. The goal is to develop more local businesses and expand them globally.  

Big Indian businesses quickly shifted their marketing techniques to include “Indian and Indigenous” as a matter of importance. It is critical for fresh business concepts to emerge and eventually mark the global stage for India to become "self-sufficient."

Technology plays a vital role in ensuring that companies have a worldwide reach. Digital marketing is the most practical option for local businesses to reach a larger audience. Local brands will be able to represent themselves globally through digital marketing, and producers and consumers can interact with them. Companies such as bisleri, Patanjali, and Amul have worked out how to promote Swadeshi. It is now or never for ambitious entrepreneurs to understand the Vocal for Local edge.

What Is Vocal For Local?


Vocal for Local is a campaign to promote local products in the market that are competitive with global standards and can capture the spirit of local brands in both domestic and international markets. By advocating for locals, we are not prohibiting the purchase of other items on the market. Rather we are expanding the availability of local products, which are valued in terms of price and quality when compared to rivals.

Why promote Made In India Products?


The PM stressed the necessity of adopting Indian-made items and 'Atma-Nirbharta' (self-reliance), claiming that the country requires a boost to its economy that might help improve local enterprises. By contributing to the revival of the Indian economy, we are assisting in the output of more local job possibilities, the transformation of business processes, and the improvement of efficiency. We must emerge and support our local companies to help them develop products and services designed in India, for India, and the globe. In times of Covid crisis and when unemployment was high Vocal for Local paved the way for developing new work opportunities through imaginative new approaches. It finally helped an individual launch its dream business on an online marketplace, or for anyone pursuing any other extraordinary business idea. 

Gift Kya De - Central India’s Best Startup

Founded in 2019, Gift Kya De is a Raipur-based startup, that provides Made In India gifting solutions. Gift Kya De is led by an energetic and young team of five members who handle the entire process from designing, manufacturing, and selling. Their idea is to create unique, customized wooden, handcrafted & laser-cut gift products. Our team of designers and craftsmen at GKD ensures the four essential parameters before designing and manufacturing. 

  • Uniqueness,
  • Price quality
  • Usability
  • Eye appeal 

are the main parameters we considered. The reason behind our success is our personalized engraving products. Thanks to those who appreciate laser-cut and wooden products that made us a well-known gifting solution website. 

The growing demand for eco-friendly gifts has progressively motivated us to expand and increase the company’s offline presence among the city's residents. Along with broadening the marketing and sales approach, the firm has also increased its manufacturing capacity and introduced more distinctive merchandise to its portfolio.

Products We Offer:

Wooden Wall Clock


Wall clocks are practical and valuable as they enhance your home decor. Gifting someone a clock is one of the most meaningful gifts you can offer. With this elegantly designed wooden designer wall clock, you can give your loved ones the gift of time. It can also decorate your spaces according to your whims and desires. 

Personal Organizer & Makeup Box: 

The handcrafted cosmetics box with four identical-sized compartments is not just helpful in organizing belongings but is also a lovely and creative desk organizer for the study table. Every woman wants her belongings to appear well-organized and beautiful, and this is what our product is designed to do. It is the perfect organizer for women.

Heart Shape Utility Box


The heart is a sign of love that we hold close for the rest of our lives. The Heart Shape Utility Box from Gift Kya De can be a thoughtful present for your loved ones. It is handmade with a lot of love, attention, and care. You can use it to keep your chocolates, dried fruits, and other kinds of stuff. It is a sustainable product made of pure wood and therefore is simple to handle. It is the perfect present for your loved ones. 


We received the Silicon Award for the startup and Made In India initiative. Any connection necessitates the exchange of gifts. All that counts is giving a present that is both meaningful and long-lasting. When it comes to the quality of a present, one should never scrimp. The Gift Kya De team is committed to providing the highest quality recycled timber products. It offers Made in India Products and a wide range of customized presents that are beautifully packaged and made with passion.




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