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Gift Kya De: Embracing the quality of recycled wooden products

Gift Kya De: Embracing the quality of recycled wooden products

Gift Kya De (GKD) is one of the best online gift shops in central India that offers all types of gifts crafted from wooden materials. Gift Kya de is a well-established e-commerce website. We create Eco-friendly wooden products made with recycled wood, crafted with laser-cut products. Gift Kya De provides budget-friendly presents with nationwide delivery. Gift Kya De products are made entirely in India, and the company supports the Indian Government’s Voice for local & Make in India objectives. With the support of an in-house design team and production capabilities, the company designs and sells its products.

Why recycled wood adds value to our products?

Wooden flooring is popular in homes and offices because they are not only attractive but also helps to keep the heat inside. If the flooring is done from recycled wood it is not only attractive but also cheaper. Another advantage of recovered wood is its environmental friendliness. It is not required to cut down trees to develop the same; instead, it is only reusing the old ones that others have rejected. One of the most important advantages of recycled wood that most people are unaware of is that most recycled woods are stronger than new wood. We make wooden products that are strong and durable. Recycled wood has a lower moisture level of about 20% as compared to new wood, which has a moisture content of roughly 60% to 70%. Lower moisture content is equal to greater durability.

Waste wood recycling reduces the amount of space that wood takes up in landfills. Companies embraced an environmentally beneficial and business-minded approach by developing waste wood recycling.

What we offer:

Photo frame -

What we offer

Photos of shared experiences and precious moments allow us to look back on the memories we made together. We offer customized wooden photo frames with a unique design at affordable.

Utility Box -

Utility box

The heart is a symbol of love that we cherish for life. Keep your chocolates, dry fruits, other items in it. We have products made with wood, which makes them easy to handle. This utility box is a perfect gift for your partner. It is the best choice of gift for your partner.

Wooden Mobile Stand -

Mobile Stand

A modern style convenient laptop stand crafted with engineered wood solid 5mm to last longer and light in weight. It can be a Perfect Gift for your friends, colleagues, students, teachers, etc. Care for your partner and make them feel valued.

Wooden Table Top -

wooden table top

With this tabletop dedicate your love to your partner and give them this token of love. The material is attractive and made of wooden Products and available in light brown color.

Surprise love box -

Surprise Love Box

Gifts are about surprises. This surprise box will make you smile. We understand the quality demand when you choose something for your loved ones. This beautiful wooden gift will create a sense of belonging between you and your loved ones.

Wooden wall clock -

Wooden wall clock

Gifting a clock is one of the most thoughtful things to give someone. To value time, you need a wall clock at your place. Gift your partner your time in the form of this beautiful wall clock.

Calendar with Desk Organiser and Mobile Stand -

Desk Organiser and Mobile Stand

We offer all one desk organizer with a calendar and mobile stand. It’s a perfect combination for your workplace. This product has an artistic look which makes it unique. It’s crafted with a beautiful wooden touch that makes it more attractive.

Gifting is an essential part of any relationship. And gifting something meaningful yet long-lasting is all that matters. One should never compromise when it comes to the quality of their gift. We give you the choice of gifting & the best quality recycled wooden products. In this fast-growing digital era, people want everything more convenient and affordable. Most purchasing is shifted to online mode, giving varieties of products and saving time. Options bring confusion gift Kya de has the solution, personalized gifts for you and your loved ones presented with perfection created with passion.

Dedicated towards customer satisfaction is what we always aim for and wish.



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